Monday, May 29, 2017

Packing quilts

This is a bow-tie quilt that I made back in the 1990's. As I am packing books, I am adding quilts as filler to keep the boxes from getting too heavy. And I have finally finished packing the books downstairs.

I pack each quilt in a plastic bag, and of course, each bag is carefully inspected first.

And this is a bear's paw that my grandmother made and that my father took to college.

Here is the origami crane (or swan) quilt that I made the first year I participated in the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge. And now its all packed away for its trip across the country.


  1. Love the swan quilt. Very special to have a quilt your grandmother made.

  2. The Bear’s Paw quilt is wonderful, and appears to be in such good condition. I’ve always loved those swans. It’s hard to find good help these days, but it looks like you’ve got it covered, thanks to Molly. When will you move?

  3. What a great time you must be having visiting with all of your quilts. You are setting the bar pretty high for those of us just beginning to make quilts at all. I know you are busy but could you tell us where to find the pattern for the cranes/swans?

  4. I love those origami cranes!!!! Can you tell me where to get the pattern, too?