Thursday, May 4, 2017

Pretending to Return to Normal

Molly is very confused. First, she is sorry for anyone who missed seeing new photos of her because staff was too lazy and useless to post. But she is REALLY confused about how she could have a fabric giveaway...and then have a package of fabric delivered here. And at this point, I must post a warning that the next photo will show irresistible fabric. You have been warned.

Just looking at it makes me want to buy more...maybe with the pink background.

And who can resist the new colorways of fans.

Then Molly was chagrined to learn that the box she sleeps on top of in the afternoon opens up and has more fabric inside. I explained that these were primarily quilts that my grandmother made. This just begs the question of why I am making quilts when I already have the ones from my grandmother.

Meanwhile I realize I need to get more quilting done on the Plaid Bunny quilt. I stopped last summer because it was too hot to quilt under the wool batting.  Time flies.

Here's a better view of the bunnies.

And here are Molly and Buddy inspecting the quilt. In Virginia, Molly and Buddy have learned to micromanage the quilting process--especially resetting the sewing machine thread and verbalizing their frustration with staff. However, because they are avid readers of Cat Patches, they know that Oregon cats specialize in inspection duties and they want to prepare for their move (that they don't know about yet.)


  1. You all are coming "West" ???? How cool would that be --- WA kitties are also fabulous "quilt inspectors"/do something with these 4-patches that are taking up space in my napping box"

  2. You have to stay on your toes with all those inspectors around LOL Funny post--Molly is so pretty Hugs {Meowser} Julierose

  3. Packing and moving is never fun. I wish you the best. Hopefully there is lots of good things in store for you in Oregon, in addition to your new inspection duties.

  4. Must be a West Coast thing because the inspectors take their jobs very seriously here in southern British Columbia also. Molly, Dainty and Samantha have a tip for you: when the top opens there are nice soft places to sleep inside the big box. Just make sure the help props the lid open.

  5. Smitty and Sadie will be happy to show them the ropes when they get here. Quilt inspecting is a very impurrtent job...definitely not for pussies.

  6. Now that looks like one comfortable chest of quilts to me!!! It's a perfect place to inspect.

  7. I was wondering where the cats were taking you after they sold your house...