Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sheep tutorial: Left-sided

Today the green sheep would like to demonstrate how to make a left-sided sheep. Happily, most of the components of the sheep are the same whether it is right-sided or left sided. There are only four components that are different. The layout is very different, however.

You can essentially cut all of the pieces the same as for the right-sided tutorial, and also piece together the components such as the wool coat, the ears and the legs. The four components that are different are

1. the tail:  The tail is a 2 by 2.75 dark rectangle with 1.25 inch flip triangles of background fabric in the upper left corner and the lower right corner.

2. upper tip of wool coat (next to the sheep's face):  the 2 by 2.75 background rectangle has a 1.25 inch flip triangle of dark fabric in the lower right corner.

3. top left wool puff: the sheep has six 2.75 inch square wool puffs with two 1.25 inch flip triangles on one side. However, for one of these puffs, you add a 1.25 inch flip triangle of light fabric to form the sheep's cheek. For this version, you will take the top puff on the left side and add the 1.25 inch flip triangle of light fabric to the upper right corner.

4. largest dark triangle for sheep's side: Add a 1.25 inch flip triangle of the light fabric to the large 4.25 by 5 inch rectangle of dark fabric.

You can find the instructions for the Right-sided Sheep here.

After you cut the pieces and make the basic components, you can lay out the sheep into its four sectioins: the top of the head, the middle of the head/top coat, the front chest, and the side/hind end.

 The top of this version of the sheep is made just like the right-sided version, except the 2.75 by 5 inch rectangle of background fabric is now on the right side of the sheep. Or if you have the components laid out as shown, sew them together as shown above.

Hopefully, everything looks like this when you're done.

Now lay out the second layer of components. Sew the eyes on either side of the nose section. And sew the tail and the two wool puffs together.

Now sew the top parts of the wool coat on the left side together, then sew the sides of the sheep's face on either side of the eyes/nose. Then sew the 1.25 by 6.5 inch strip of background fabric to the top of the top section of the wool coat.

Next, sew the three sections together.

You have now completed the top half of the sheep.

There are a lot of pieces to this section, so let's just start with the lower section. Sew the two rectangles between the front legs together, and then sew the two front legs on either side. Sew togher the 2 inch lower left puff to the 1.25 by 2 inch strip of background fabric. Then sew a puff to the top of this piece and sew a 2.75 inch square of background to the bottom.

Now you can expand the layout to include the nose section and the upper puff. This upper puff has the flip triangle of lift fabric in the upper right corner. Sew this upper puff to the lower section of the wool coat. Sew the nose sections together, then sew the light/dark two-piece components on either side.

Like a cooking show, I've moved ahead and already sewn the nose section to the top chest rectangle. Once you do that, you can sew the front legs to the chest, and sew the wool coat section to the left side of the chest section.

Let's end with the back end. This should get interesting because Buddy is now up on the desk to help if walking on the keyboard can be considered helpful.

For this section, you will want to make sure you added a 1.25 inch square of light fabric to the upper left hand corner of the 4.25 by 5 inch rectangle of dark fabric. Sew the components of the right side of the wool coat together as shown. Then sew the background strips of fabric to either side of the short back leg. Then sew the short back leg section to the 2.75 by 3.5 rectangle of dark fabric. Finally, sew the long back leg to the short back leg section.

Now sew the leg section to the back flank. And then sew on the right side of the woolly coat.

Now you have all four of the major sections of the sheep completed. Sew the sheep's back end to its front end. Then add the eyes section. And finally add the ears section.



  1. Love the green sheep. It's sew cewet (get it, ewe). Oh... I'm lacking a little sleep. (Maybe I should count sheep. Baaaa ha!)

  2. Baaa right back atcha!
    I was really only going to make one sheep block. Really. Just one. But sheep prefer to be in a flock, so i think I'm going to be checking back for this tutorial...

  3. Love the sheep patterns! THANK YOU!!!

  4. Thanks. I know I'll need this one of these days.