Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Closing in

I put up one of the shelving units I use for storing larger hunks of fabric. You might remember that these were also used as the back for the infamous design wall. The living room of this apartment is a dark hole, so it is perfect for storing fabric. However, since I don't know how long I'll be here, I have decided to keep the rest of this fabric stored in boxes.

You might remember a large pile of boxes stacked here a few days ago. Those have been opened and sorted and replaced with the boxes of fabric that I stored on the shelving units. Molly has been having a marvelous time climbing all around the boxes, so I thought I would make a window jungle gym for her covered in chenille fabric. As you can tell, now she won't go anywhere near it.

Next, with the weaving loom moved into place, the dining nook is complete.  Completely unusable for dining, that is.

And yes, I uncovered the sewing table and tomorrow's activities will include adding the sewing machine and maybe sewing a seam or two.


  1. Maybe if you add an empty box or two to the mix, Her Majesty might reconsider. (That's just like a cat, isn't it?!? We got a good chuckle over it). I bet you're looking forward to getting some sewing time in.

  2. Dining rooms are overrated. You are making much better use of the space. Glad you are getting settled. Sewing seems like a lovely way to reward yourself for all of the work of moving.

  3. Your posts crack me up... Thanks for the smiles.

  4. Good luck with the rest of the unpacking, hope you do get to sew something soon.

  5. Oh! I thought dining room was just sewing room in a different language!