Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Coming to a Close

Without much patchwork to share, we will have to get our dose of color from this rose blooming in the shade in the front yard of the house that may become mine on Friday. 

And as another color exercise, how many shades of taupe are in this picture? How many of those shades are cat? Molly suggests you solve this by counting the number of shades of dope.

As for Molly, hard working felines sleep harder.


  1. Molly looks like she's dreaming about her new house. Portland is the Rose City, you know, and so it's a perfect introduction to your new house. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Smitty and Sadie have their paws and tails crossed.

  2. I hope all the issues have been solved and that you close on Friday. And then it's moving time again. Has your sewing machine table leg shown up yet? It may have to walk itself a bit further. I think Molly, if truth be told, is jealous of Buddy.

  3. That's a beautiful rose - hope you're now the owner of the house and garden! AA lovely photo of Buddy there, looking very quizzical!