Monday, July 24, 2017


I finally finished this Stonefield block. I used the mylar plastic technique to make the small brown circles...that is, I baste around the circle, snug it around the mylar, iron it, slip out the circle and applique it to the block. And no, that wasn't too time consuming. It was the search for the circles after I made them. Everywhere. And how weird was it that I found two circles on my bed. But only two.

This morning I realized criminal activity was involved, and of course, Buddy is the criminal in our family. I suspected that he stole the circles (with basting thread attached) and ran off with them., so I searched the path from my sewing box to his bed (on my bed). As you can see, finding small circles of the dotted fabric on the dark brown shag carpet was no easy task. I held one up to Buddy and his eyes lit up. He tried to grab it and run off with it. Law enforcement is much easier when the criminals readily confess by reenacting the crime.

Molly is much easier to find on the carpet. And she charged law enforcement (me) with illegal entrapment. I have been sentenced to community service providing extra attention and care for local neglected cats. In this case, local is very local and means those residing in the apartment with the brown shag carpet who are reduced to stealing bits of fabric and thread for amusement.


  1. Well, it now appears there are two criminals in your family. And this may be the first time you've been charged with entrapment, but we all know it's not your first offense. Molly must've forgotten about certain cages used during the move. BTW, that block is so cute!!

  2. The block is adorable! As for those rascally cats..they do love to play with threads, don't they? And the fabric attached to the thread was a real bonus. Happy sewing! --Andrea

  3. Oh what a nightmare trying to find circles at your place!! Nice job with the block, and do love the bunnies!

  4. So, so nice to see Buddy again, even if it IS because he is a suspected thief. Innocent until proven guilty, after all. Great block, by the way. :)