Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Golden Chicken

Due to the move, I didn't participate in the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge for June when the color was yellow.  For my Speedy Chicken, I decided to substitute a gold for yellow because it helps to ensure enough contrast with the background.

Buddy says it looks delicious. And by the way, I started calling Budd...Mr. Taupe, and then Taupey. I stopped when Molly started calling him Dopey.


  1. Did Molly's calling him Dopey make him Mopey? That's a fine looking rooster. The plaid wings are perfect.

  2. You had me at plaid wing...

  3. Yeah, I hate it when the cats start calling each other names. I love your golden, juicy chicken. In fact, we had one for dinner tonight, but ours wasn't graced with a plaid wing.