Friday, July 28, 2017

Reverse Pig Tilt Tutorial

In the last pig tilt tutorial, our pig ran uphill to the right and downhill to the left. Today, I will show you that if you just change the direction of you slice, you can make piglets run uphill to the left, and downhill to the right. (And yes, I'm using the piglet stand-in again.)

Again, this demonstration is for a piglet block that is 5 in by 6.5 in unfinished.

Cut a 2.5 by 5 inch rectangle to make wedges to sew on the sides of the piglet block. Mark one half inch down from the top left hand corner and mark one half inch up from the bottom right corner. Slice the rectangle in half using the marks as your guide.

For the top wedge of sky and the bottom hill, cut a rectangle 3.5 by 7.75 inches. Again, mark one half inch down from the top left hand corner and mark one half inch up from the bottom right corner. I show the line where I will slice the rectangle...although I only drew the full mark to show you how I will cut it.

Also notice that I don't have to mark each wedge. I can stack the rectangles and cut through carefully stacked rectangles.

Here are the wedges laid out to be sewn. Start with the sides.

In this direction, there is a slight difference in how you align the wedge before sewing. In this case, you will have a tiny wedge of the piglet block sticking out. When you start to sew, the quarter inch seam should go through the intersection.

After sewing on the sides and ironing them back, sew on the top sky and bottom green hill. Iron these flaps over and trim the away any excess bits.

As for quilting main project is hand quilting the plaid bunny quilt. Unfortunately, I wasn't paying attention and I stitched Molly into the quilt like a big lumpy bead.


  1. Your tilted pigs are so cute - so is the photo of Molly nice and cosy on the bunny quilt, nothing like a comfy quilt to lay your head on.

  2. Except for the color, Molly looks like one of my "lumpy quilt beads". Thanks for the tutorials---I so love all of your creatures/creations :-)

  3. Thank you for the tutorial. Molly adds more texture to the quilt. So nice to see the move hasn't messed with her sleep patterns. :)

  4. Has Molly scared all the bunnies? A78mandel at yahoo dot com