Monday, July 31, 2017

Staying in Shape

Here's a vintage butterfly block. Just a slight workout to keep my sewing skills in shape. Okay, its really more like a daily test to see if I can find the sewing machine. Meanwhile, I'm continuing to hand quilt the plaid bunny quilt although each time I assess how much more I have to year's quilt show seems more likely than this year's.

Molly likes variety in her workouts. Here she's sitting on a wobbly pile of fabric piled next to the sewing machine table. She has also been doing her yoga routines and napping on the piglet quilt. If I don't finish the plaid bunny quilt, I think I will enter the piglet quilt in the Northwest Quilt Show instead.

Molly noticed that the instructions say NOT to enter quilts covered in pet hair. Molly took exception to this because apparently they will accept quilts covered with human hair. Molly expected more inclusiveness from Portland.


  1. Well, yay for entering the piglet quilt! As a Pacific Northwesterner (living in teeny tiny Clatskanie) I'll be looking for your quilt when I go to the show. No doubt, I'll feel the pride of connection to it and will beam when I hear people praise it.
    And I'm with Molly. Given how crazy we are about our pets, I'm surprised to hear any anti-pet language, anywhere. Someone might want to whisper to them that it's hurtful. I'm sure they would reconsider being so judgy.

  2. Can't wait to see the quilt hanging in the NW Quilt show in Portland. I can gloat and say "I know this quilter" (I will be coming from Renton WA like every year)

  3. Sounds like Molly is working on core strength with that balance workout. Way to go. I'm gonna miss this year's Quilt Expo, so please wait until next year.

  4. Well, you have to admit that Molly has a point...

  5. Neat fabrics in this butterfly block Sally - what does Molly think of the butterflies?