Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tilting a Pig, Almost

I'm working on instructions for tilting a piglet. Here I am reverse engineering the measurements. I sew triangles on the sides to tilt a pig, but this will let me figure out the size of the triangles. And when I made my piglets, I sewed the side triangles on the bias. This made the blocks different sizes and definitely complicated sewing the quilt top.

Here I marked the finished and unfinished size.

Now I can remove and measure the triangles, except oops, the green triangle is cut wrong. It comes off the block too soon. And while I go back and make another demonstration piece, we will consider this a tutorial on measuring twice and cutting once or do as I say, not as I do.


  1. Excellent tutorial...I've done a few of those myself, but I did not articulate them as well as you did. Thank you. I measure twice, cut once, and then force that sucker to fit. Your way is probably more accurate.

  2. These things happen - I agree with you though, wise words!

  3. When you get it done, please let me know because I have a fleet of boats waiting to be on the high seas. I tried Bonnie's way, no luck. You so far have the best photo instructions.

  4. Hmmm, is tilting a piglet similar to cow tipping?

  5. When I tilted my pigs, my goal was straight of grain on all the outside edges. SoI made a completely arbitrary triangle ("there, that looks about right...") and then just echoed it over and over. Totally unscientific and un-reproducible. And unexplainable.
    Looks like your approach is going to be teachable!