Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Alternative Universe

Okay. It's official. Molly and I have decided to keep Buddy off of Twitter permanently. If his mental state improves, we might let him back on Instagram.

Meanwhile, I am still in the process of moving...and yes, given how long it's taking, let's pretend there is method to the madness and I'm part of the Slow Move movement.

And last night, the quilt guild had Lori of Humble Quilts as the guest speaker and she mentioned that she is taking a long time to quilt her Dear Jane quilt. This made me remember my Alternative Jane quilt and to wonder where it was. (In case you don't remember, these are blocks that Jane Stickle made, but did not include in her infamous Dear Jane quilt).

I think this is where I left off. And I think I decided to include all of the applique owls.

I will need to check the Alternative Jane Universe Almanac to see if she made a speedy chicken block.

Or a lion head.

Although I didn't sew much today (just Plaid Bunny hand quilting), I did get all the necessary ingredients to make a new design wall. Unfortunately, I will have to put it up without Molly's help.


  1. Your blocks are all so cute. Love how you made the snail.

  2. It's taking me a long time to quilt my Dear Jane quilt. I still have to remove the papers ... it is meant to be a job for August (2017) ..

  3. Those sailboat blocks crack me up! I love 'most all of them (I'm not a fan of clowns) and would love to see this one finished up. Now my curiosity is piqued - what did Buddy do on Twitter? If you can keep him off, there are probably people at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue who would want to hear from you....

  4. I love these alternative blocks of yours!! The seal with the beach ball is so cute and I love the flamingo. Wonderful photo of Buddy.

  5. Like Cathy, I want to know what Buddy did on Twitter? Also, I think the blocks are cute. I love the sailboat with the owl and pussy cat.

  6. I'm sure I read that Jane loved owls. Also, flamingos.

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