Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Breaking Out

There was almost another total eclipse of the sun here in Portland today. The sun was a dull red orb in the sky that my camera turned into a red circle surrounded by pink. This phenomena is the result of smoke from area wild fires.

Meanwhile, Molly is familiarizing herself with many of the nooks and crannies of her new place.

One of the new places was under the stove. To get her out, I peeled away some decorative molding, then unscrewed that grill, and unscrewed the molding beneath that so I could tip it sideways. Molly was very happy to come out. And Molly being Molly, she refuses to let us know how she got behind/under there in the first place.

I thought I heard Molly and Buddy wrestling in the kitchen, except that Buddy usually squawks like his fur is on fire. Also, he came running from another room to see what the commotion was. That's when we found Molly...or rather her eyes peering out. She also poked her paws out suggesting it was time for me to get to work and let her out.

And what the heck is this thing out in the front yard? This must be some species unique to Oregon because I have never seen anything like this before. Yikes...that is a lot of ugly. My sister took this picture so I am hoping it is a hoax and not something I will ever encounter.

And now that I'm afraid to go outside, I made another bunny quilting template from SHIR TAILOR interfacing. I like the weight of the interfacing, but it does get a bit fussy on the edges after a while.


  1. That outside cat sure has a creepy-looking face! Maybe it scared Molly into hiding. How is your sewing room set-up going?

  2. How on earth did Molly get in such a spot?!! And that is one mean, ugly cat outside!

  3. I hope for both your sakes that Molly learned her lesson and doesn't put you through that again. I am sure your heart was going 100 miles a minute.

  4. Good grief...it must be Mystery Cat Theater, aka how do cats get themselves in such fixes? I haven't written my own blog post this morning, but stay tuned for a scary story. As for that horrible thing you saw in the yard, it's the evil twin of Uno.

  5. Watch out - she'll be in the walls next... (At least, that's my experience with cats in a new house!)