Monday, August 28, 2017

Pickles and posing

The new house has very dim lighting that is a bit of a challenge for taking photos. It is very rare for Kaffe fabric to look this sickly. However, once I figure out how I will lay out my sewing, I can figure out the lighting.

Until then, Buddy offered to show that Taupe is a better choice for dim lighting and beige sculptured carpet.

I thought that I had finished all the pickle wedges, but I found these partially sewn wedges and some more papers and patches ready for sewing. This will be a nice easy way to get back to this project. It will be easier for me to figure out a good sewing layout once I get back to sewing.

Meanwhile, Molly is posing as a mantle ornament. This area is going to disappear behind a design wall.

And here's Molly posing in the middle of playtime.


  1. Dont stress! With Molly's help all this will be taken care of.

  2. Molly is so photogenic! 😻😻

  3. the mantle will be hidden behind the design wall? Great place for kitty to hide! Thank you for cats and quilt pictures, love them both!

  4. Missed this post as well! Glad to see you're on to the pickle blocks again, I can't wait to see these all finished!
    Lovely pictures of Buddy and Molly!

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