Saturday, September 9, 2017

Second Giveaway Winner

Today's giveaway is tropical fabric...which is where many of us have our hearts and minds.

And in a bit of irony, today's winner, Shirley E, lives in Virginia. So this set of fat quarters is going to take a trip back to Virginia. Looking at the fabric, however, I notice that a lot of it is Alexander Henry and other California fabrics that I would have gotten when I lived in Southern California. This is well traveled fabric.

Meanwhile, I HAVE to show something orange in support of September and the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge. However, today I spent most of the day unpacking. I got a lot done, but I thought I should be able to squeeze in a single orange block. Nope. It didn't happen.

So, here are some orange blocks from years past. And speaking of kittens, both Buddy and Molly have been very busy today. They are having their own emergency that has put them on high alert all last evening and then again today.

Last week, we had visits from the ugliest cat on the planet (UCP), although these visits escaped Buddy and Molly's radar. This cat, however, is quite provocative and have Buddy the Growler and Molly the Pacer on high alert.


  1. What a beautiful "patchwork" cat !!!! A calico for sure, so must be a female. No wonder your kitties are on high alert---Buddy sees "romance", Molly sees "leave my man alone" :-)

  2. We have a feral black kitty who walks across our front porch daily. He sends the bassets into parallax universes.

  3. The neighbors are checking out the new kids on the block.

  4. I saw the seahorses and got all excited that you were making them again...
    I like the harlequin patchwork kitty lurking in your yard! I'm sure Buddy and Molly are hoping you'll invite her in.

  5. Those fat quarters will be my most travelled fabrics. Thank you so much and Molly also for making the selection. The orange cat blocks are wonderful.

  6. It's lovely to see orange kitties and seahorses and no wonder Molly and Buddy are on high alert - that cat looks mean!!

  7. My cat, Patches, will watch birds, chipmunks, squirrels, dogs, bunnies, etc. without hardly batting an eye, but let a cat come into the yard, well that's a different story--he gets really upset.

    I like the orange cats and seahorses. What pattern did you use?