Monday, June 2, 2014

Are you at the right blog? Where is the cat or mouse or ? I recently joined a local quilt guild where you actually go out into the real world and interact with real people. And wouldn't you know, the first thing I'm asked to do is make two very traditional machine applique blocks. I haven't quite finished although they are due tomorrow.
I'm making three so that one can be practice. These are fused (no problem) with each piece surrounded by a machine embroidery button hole stitch. And how many times have I done about never. So it took me quite a while to find the stitch on my machine. Then I broke a needle because I forgot to change the throat plate. I struggled with trying to see what I was doing on the leaves until it occurred to me that maybe if I used an open foot I could see what I was doing. In any case, by tomorrow I will be an expert at a technique I will never use again. Kind of like trigonometry.
Meanwhile, with no help from me, a tomato plant is doing an imitation of Jack and the Beanstalk out in the front yard. Most of the other tomato plants are in the vegetable garden and are about half this size. It must be getting its inspiration from the surrounding pine trees.


  1. A real guild with real live people? Wow! Maybe they will make you into an appliquer eventually.

  2. Oh I love these blocks Sally - what a surprise you having appliqué on your blog!