Monday, June 30, 2014

For the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge, we're going to be pulling together all of our blocks on Wednesday. I thought I would start early because I have not really approached this challenge with a finished quilt in mind. Some might even call it goofing off. Plus, I have refined designs or added new ones as I have gone along. The color for July is red, so maybe I can use that month to regroup and rebuild the flock of rose cranes. I'm not certain that blood red cranes are a good idea with so many cats lurking around.


  1. What a fantastic display of colourful cranes - this is going to look amazing with all colours over the year

  2. How big are these blocks? They make quite an impressive display all there together!

    1. The crane/swan is 7.5 inches in length from the tip of the beak to its tail and is 5.5 inches tall. The actual block is longer because I make the beak with a wonky strip laid across the corner of a background square. This means there is a floating sash in the front but no where else. This prevents the cranes/swans from pecking each other.

  3. I love the elegance of your cranes; they really float.