Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This is Tommy in his younger years. He's going to turn 18 this week and suggested that we participate in Vicki W.'s giveaway to celebrate. Tommy wants to give away a kitten and has already ordered the bubble wrap and extra staples. I suggested that we cushion the kitten in fabric and then forget to include the kitten. I'm thinking of 18 fat quarters, and I took Tommy downstairs so I don't have to hear about what he's thinking. I've added the button for Vicki's giveaway and I'll be linking up with that later this month (June 28).


  1. Is there a new kitten on the premises?

  2. Finally a picture of Tommy!! He was a cutie in that picture. I think there should always be a picture of him in each post. (You are welcome sweet cat---no more mice posts!!) 18 is a great age for a cat---he looks healthy still