Wednesday, June 4, 2014

When I mentioned I don't do applique, I should have mentioned that I meant I have used fusibles, but I don't tend to do anything to the edges like a machine button hole stitch. I fuse batiks or hand-dyed fabric and take the paper off before I cut the pieces as recommended by Melody at Fibermania.
I did a lot of fusing as part of a challenge hosted by (who else?) VIcki W, where we had a year-long challenge to experiment with a new technique each week.
I probably need to revisit these because they were a nice combination of computer drawing with Adobe Illustrator followed by playing with fabric selection.


  1. Oh Sally I think your applique pieces are just fantastic! Which to choose as my favourite? Probably go with your beautiful lovebirds (hope I am correct in thinking they are lovebirds). Second would be puffins then your lovely long necked geese!

  2. I still have my lizards hanging near Willie. I admire them every time I quilt!