Wednesday, October 22, 2014

As some of you gathered, I was out of town last week and had tried to schedule my posts in advance...unsuccessfully...and then I tried to fix it with an iPod...and well, hilarity ensued. In any case, I was happy that no one had problems leaving comments. That I know of! And today is the last day to leave a comment on posts from last week to enter the fabric giveaways. Tomorrow I will pick and post the winners.

While I was in Portland, I made a couple of trips to Fabric Depot during their 35 percent off sale. So do not worry that last week's giveaway might deplete my stash. Here are small novelties that I couldn't resist.

Here are some larger novelty prints including pigs and kittens. I will have to make some kitten preserves as soon as I can before they develop that slightly bitter cat taste.

And here is a sampling of some of the general fabric that found its way home with me.


  1. Cutest fabrics...good stash enhancement! hugs, Julierose

  2. Did you have to buy extra luggage or did you just throw your clothes away like I do? How was the studio tour?

  3. You certainly had a great time with your shopping!