Friday, October 31, 2014

I finally finished the I-spy wonky reversible quilt for my grand nephew. It's roughly 46 X 58 inches.
I began making this quilt because I loved the banner (and quilt) on the wonderful blog QuiltNCards. I got a bit carried away and had enough fussy cut blocks for two quilts. And then I heard the news from the grandmother that this perfect child did occasionally get tired and become slightly less than perfect. So I decided to sort the blocks into good and evil. Admittedly, everyone has their own life experiences so please don't judge me because I put all of the kittens and teddy bears on the evil side.

This is the quilt on the reverse, "evil" side.

The blocks are extremely fun to make although they do require partial seams. I describe how to make the block here.

It turned out easier than I thought to make the quilt reversible. I started by sewing the back to the batting--just quilting in the ditch and making a grid through the batting. Then I pin basted the top to the batting and backing using the grid as the guide. Then I quilted a zig zaggy pattern across it in both directions.

And if you would like to view more wonderful quilts, here's a link back to the Blogger's Quilt Festival.


  1. He is going to love that quilt and if he doesn't you should give him a kitten.

  2. What a gorgeous quilt, I have loved watching it grow. I have heaps of novelty prints, so thanks for the block instructions, this will be going on my to do list.

  3. Oh that turned out so cute! And what a lesson in good and evil. I can see where it might lead to some interesting debates.

    P.S. - I am an evil robot so had a difficult time leaving a comment. I had to pretend not to be one so I could type in those number/letter combos.

  4. That is a wild and festive quilt. I love that you made it reversible.

  5. This turned out fantastic!! What a fun way to use the novelty fabric pieces. The wonky blocks just set it perfectly. I am sorry that Tommy will not be able to test this before it is gifted. I did enjoy the evil side description---little did I know where kitties & teddies fell