Monday, October 6, 2014

Last week I was tagged by Cathy, the prolific, whimsical, wonderful master of prints at Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilting to join the world blog tour. Having been a researcher/analyst for almost my whole life, I immediately wondered who started this whole thing. As Tommy Cat would often remind me, you can't retire from being a buzzkill.

I backtracked through quilt blogs, craft blogs, domestic goddesses and into the flaky land of writer blogs where I hit dead ends due to deleted entries. But then I found this wonderful post that shows a search back to the origin. My next question was...BUT WHERE ARE THE CATS? This is the Internet after all.

Therefore I have enlisted three Internet professionals for this blog tour:

Smitty, that handsome hunk of man cat, at the blog Cat Patches.

Lucy, quilting assistant extraordinaire and Tommy Cat's major cat crush, at the blog Debra Harry Quilts (aka quilting artist).

and Squeaky, the colorful networking maven and hostess at Feline Fridays, at the blog Sarah did it!

And now I'm supposed to answer some questions that boil down to why do I make the quilts I do and what is my process?

My one word answer is Vicki W at Field Trips in Fiber. In 2011, Vicki sponsored a creative journal challenge and I made 52 small fused 8X11 inch quilts like the one above (which Tommy referred to as my self-portrait because of the striking resemblance).

Then Vicki encouraged making QOVs.

Then fractured quilts.

Then she had us clean our sewing rooms and give tours. You can read more about it here. Tommy wrote a rebuttal to my post here.

Then Vicki sponsored prizes at the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge and I started making sweet peaceful origami cranes that attracted cats from Mystic Quilter's blog in New Zealand.

And because all that wasn't enough, Vicki sponsored the Half Square Triangle (HSTerical) Quilt along.

Then Mystic Quilter's cats started to have kittens and now my sewing room is in shambles. Finally,  Vicki has started a new quilt along but I'm reluctant to join because I'm terrified of sending kittens down a Drunkard's Path.

And that pretty much sums up my style and process.


  1. What a great post!! Your Fractured looks as lovely as ever and your HST quilt.I can see why your Journal quilts kept you busy. I see that two of my favourite cats are still hanging out with cranes and thank goodness the kittens are all at your place as my studio is a tiny one compared to your lovely light space, I just wouldn't have the room for them all!

  2. Oh no, I'm not taking blame for all this!

  3. My comments kept going into never never land!
    I'll try again...
    Vicki W should be proud to take the blame for spurring you on to make all that eye candy. And I'm jealous of that sewing room. I especially love the Fractured quilt. Might be a nice RSC project next year if I can find my book in my messy sewing room.

  4. LOL! Love this post, thanks for the giggle....your sewing space is wonderful, lucky you!

  5. Love the kittens - they are why I signed on to follow!

  6. Oh my. I LOVE your colorful kitten block collection!

  7. I have not participated in any quilt along for some time. I was actually searching the internet last week for a quilt along that interested me. Vicki has a very creative side. I love your Fractured quilt. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  8. I have not participated in a quilt a long. Love all of your kitty quilts. Thanks for the chance.