Monday, December 22, 2014

Here is my fish quilt--quilted and bound. I was hoping for at least a placemat but I guess I have to settle for a mug rug.

Here's the backside of the fish quilt. I am hoping that the batting separating the fish from the cat will be enough. And there was so much hollering and yeowing while I was quilting that I felt like I was reliving trips to the vet.


  1. Laughing because I can relate. The last trip to the vet for shots I decided to count howling meows and reached 576 from my house to the vet's office. It eased my stress level by counting. Love both sides of your mug rug!

  2. You have a real mix going on here, fish, dogs and cats! No wonder there was hollering and yowling.

  3. Gee kitty looks so the mug rug..hugs, Julierose