Friday, January 2, 2015

What If...

I started this blog in 2011 to document a "make something" everyday project. This overlapped with Vicki W.'s journal challenge which turned out to be a combination of miraculous and death-defying. At the end of it, however, I had 52 small pictorial quilts and much improved Adobe Illustrator skills.

I also had a small library of vector files that I could raid for other projects. This Carolina wren was making a fuss in my front yard one morning and was the source of inspiration for the day.

The wren then became a repeat pattern that I submitted to a challenge at Spoonflower, the digital fabric company.

While I am overwhelmingly grateful to Vicki for starting and continuing the journal challenge back in 2011, now on the front end of the challenge, I find it daunting to commit.

On a side note...I have always considered working in a series as a way to manage "what if" notions that crop up when you are working on something. It may not fit with what you are doing, so you save the "what if" idea for the next piece and this, as a by product, generates a series. I am endlessly fascinated by how Jude Hill masters this on her blog Spirit Cloth. And okay, I also have a major crush on her cat Soul-o (a series unto himself).

So don't ask me why, then, I find the notion of exploring "what if" exciting and "working in a series" inhibiting.  But given that, I'm rebranding this as a "What if" challenge. More specifically..."What if I go to Vicki W's blog each week, find a tutorial and follow it."


  1. Great idea - the rebranding!! Go for it!

  2. I guess it is how we look at things! what if could easily be why not! ;^)