Monday, May 4, 2015

Grandmother's basket quilt

My Grandmother passed away before I was ten. She left behind many quilts...some that were used for everyday and others that were considered heirlooms. Although given her hand quilting, they would all be considered heirlooms today. In any case, this was the quilt that was designated for me.

This quilt is rather large and is a good fit for a queen sized bed.  However, I think she made it for a double bed so that it would drape all the way to the floor. Here is a close-up of one of the baskets. You can also see the diagonal stripes in the background, the circle loops in the blue border and the feathers in the outer white border.


  1. How special to have a quilt your grandmother made, and so beautifully made too.

  2. It's beautiful. I too have some quilts from my grandmother, including one she made especially for me. Now that I know what it feels like to make a quilt for someone special to me, I appreciate it more than ever.

  3. Beautiful quilt - and so special given the circumstances.