Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pukeko or the Purple Swamp Hen

I first learned about the pukeko from Mystic Quilter who gets to see this bird as part of her life in New Zealand. I have never seen one myself (until today) although I did get some pukeko fabric (once again under the influence of Mystic Quilter). The pukeko, also known as the purple swamp hen, is my purple bird contribution for the Rainbow Scrappy challenge...better late than never!

But here is my complaint. I went back through all of the Mystic Quilter blog posts and found no mention of how extremely sensitive pukekoes are about their toes! Seriously! So if you are thinking of going near pukeko toes, make sure you have your seam ripper handy and lots of patience.


  1. That looks like it took forever!

  2. Absolutely fantastic!!! With a touch of the magic wand this pukeko would most certainly come to life! Amazing job!

  3. I love this bird sooooo much! And now I want a real one...