Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Ocean Wave Repair

I pulled out this Ocean Waves quilt top and gave it a long soak to see if there were any issues with bleeding.

There were no problems with bleeding...but I found an area where the bunnies chewed away some of the brighter colors. Now when I look at the image of the full quilt top, my eyes zero in on the nibbled part.

And here it is after I changed out the nibbled parts with brighter triangles with more contrast.


  1. Ahh that looks much better...but I have to admit I wouldnt have spotted it the first time I looked. But if something bugs you, now is the time to change much easier to do before you quilt it!

  2. It's funny - I looked at the first photo and thought "so pretty and perfect!", then you showed the nibbles, and when I looked back at the full view, my eye was immediately drawn straight to the problem area without having to hunt for it. I'm glad you fixed it, because it would have made you twitch if you hadn't...
    (But, I wonder, if you hadn't tattled on the bunnies, would that nibbled spot have existed at all? Neither Sue nor I saw it.)

  3. You are a better quilter than I. I don't think I would have gone back and done that! But it does look better.