Friday, May 8, 2015

Owl Eyes

I went into the sewing room to find this gruesome sight...owl eye parts. They are being made using Dale Fleming's six-minute circle technique that starts with freezer paper circles ironed to the background.

Next, the freezer paper is removed and the pupils are sewn to the background using the zipper foot. It makes it much easier.

And once the circles are sewn, the owl eyes are complete. But doesn't this beg the question of WHO is making the owl eyes?

Oh dear! It's Construction Site Bear, disguised as an owl. He is trying to earn money to buy passage back to California. He was dug up in the backyard during the construction of an art studio and sent to Virginia for reconstructive surgery. He has since found out that the art studio is almost complete and he is anxious to get to his new home.


  1. Yikes! What happened to his nose? I'm happy to sponsor his safe passage home. The cats are eagerly awaiting his arrival. They need a new chew toy.

  2. Thanks for the nudge in the direction of the circle technique! I'd never seen that before, and it looks all kinds of useful. Hooray for owl eyes!