Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Kitten Scrap Vortex

The scrap vortex quilt continues to grow. It's an interesting process. Little sections get built into bigger sections. And although I have quite a few big sections, its time to go back to the scrap pile to make little parts to feed to the big parts. Happily, no litter pan is involved.

Other household participants are growing, but in this case a litter box is involved. The kittens are now at an age that they no longer want to play with baby kitten toys. They can also jump up on chairs...but not up on counters or desks...yet.

 This is Taylor. She is the most independent and well adjusted.

Petunia has made up for the time she had to spend back at the shelter resolving her health issue...and can now keep up with her brother and sister. She has also developed an adorable trill.

And here is a picture from 2013 when I was able to witness the bear technique for pulling the peach tree limbs down to the ground for casual dining.


  1. The yellow one will be swinging from the light fixtures by this time next week. You can tell by the look in his eyes. (Her eyes?)

  2. The kittens are coming along a treat and look healthy and happy!
    How big is your scrap vortex now?

  3. Scrap vortex looks like your Lego quilt. The yellow one (nameless?) looks like all of the generations of barn cats we feed (so they don't keep mice away). They are all cuties. And, yikes to the bear! Maybe that's why you have to keep the cuties inside!

  4. You're giving me kitten fever with those kitten pictures.

  5. ha ha, you have no hope if the bear remembers to pull down your peach branch for three summers in a row, those kittens are going to be sharing tricks and pranks to pull on humans for ever!