Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Standing bunny tutorial

Time for the standing bunny tutorial. This bunny is much easier to make then the hopping bunny...and it finishes at 5 inches by 11 inches. There are four fabrics: a background, a light fabric (pink), a dark fabric (magenta) and a very dark fabric (black) for the eye.

I first cut two 2.5 inch squares of background fabric plus a couple of 1.5 inch strips. Then I cut two 3.5 inch squares and one 1.5 inch square of the dark fabric. Next, cut a 1.5 inch strip of light fabric plus two 2.5 inch squares. Oh, and don't forget a 1 inch square of very dark fabric for the eye.

I cut about a 4 inch rectangle of the light pink fabric off of the 1.5 inch strip. I shave this down to a one inch width. I then surround the bunny pupil on two sides using the 1 inch strip of light pink to make a 1.5 inch square bunny eye.

Fill out the bunny's face by surrounding the bunny's eye with sections of the 1.5 inch strip of pink. This is like making a log cabin. I show the order I made mine, but it doesn't really matter. You end up with a 3.5 inch square of bunny head.

Now cut off two 1.5 inch squares from the 1.5 inch strip of background fabric. Use this is make flip triangles in the upper and lower left hand corners. (Flip triangles are squares sewn on the diagonal, ironed over to make a triangle with the excess bottom two layers cut away. Think snowball block.) And already we have a bunny head.

Using the same technique of flip triangles, we will make two lozenges: one for an ear and one for the arm. Take the 3.5 inch squares of magenta. For one, sew 2.5 inch squares of background fabric on two opposing corners and then iron over the flaps to make flip triangles. Now for the other magenta square, make a similar lozenge with light pink fabric.

Now we can assemble bunny parts. First attach the bunny ear to the head as shown. Second, add a strip of light pink to the back of the bunny's head. Third, sew a strip of light pink in front of the bunny's arm (front leg in bunny speak). 

Now its time to shape the bunny's body. First, sew  a strip of pink to the bottom. (And, of course, trim as you go along.)  Next, sew three 1.5 inch squares of background fabric to the upper left corner and the lower right and lower left corners. Iron the flaps over to make flip triangles.

Now from the light pink, cut a 1.5 by 3.5 inch strip and a 1.5 inch square.  And from the background fabric cut a 1.5 by 2.5 inch rectangle, a 1.5 by 7.5 inch rectangle and a 1.5 inch square. Then assemble. First, sew the bunny head to the bunny body.

Sew the bunny ear tip to the top of the long background strip and sew the bunny tail to the bottom. And sew the bunny's feet to the small strip of background fabric. Attach the long back strip to the back of the bunny's body.
Finally attach the feet to the body.

Now you have a finished pink bunny. If you would like, you can add a strip of the background fabric to the front of the bunny for sashing. Also, for a bit of bunny flourish, you can add a 1.5 inch flip triangle of the background fabric to the upper right hand corner to give the bunny ear a flip.


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This is too cute!

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I love it.
Here is my problem I use a phone as my computer so I can't save things like on a computer so I go to the library to print out patterns I really like such as this one
But it's a per page price , so it's so super nice if there is a printable pdf
Since it's not what I do, I don't know how difficult it is to do that

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I’d like a PDF also