Monday, November 9, 2015

Kitten quilt progress

I'm half way through the machine quilting on the kitten quilt, and its time to add the backing. After making the reversible quilt, I have been layering and quilting in two steps. First, I just layer the top and batting and complete about half of the foundation quilting. Very, light and easy. Then I add the back. Yes, its two sessions of pinning, but for reasons I can't explain, this has made the whole process easier and flatter.

Meanwhile, I had just about given up hope on Team Storm. I had tried all sorts of food incentives, but this morning I tried dangling an elasticized gold cord. And yes, Hurricane, or maybe its Cyclone, came out of the hidey hole to investigate. It was one of the girls...a long haired splotchy one. She came within a foot of me, gently playing with the cord. Apparently, curiosity negates fear. She also ate in front of me...a socialization milestone.

Some new kittens have arrived at the shelter. Moxie is playing all the angles to get out on parole, but I think we can all see that's he's already planning his next heist.


  1. Laser pointers are usually pretty irresistible, too. Well, for adult cats, anyway. I'll admit I haven't tried it with kittens.
    Moxie does look like he's up to no good...

  2. What happened to these kittens to make them so shy?