Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Kittens and quilt progress

Meet Kodiak. This is a new black kitten available for adoption at the shelter because Roy is no longer there.  Roy was adopted on Halloween. Apparently one of the local foster kitten servants fell in love with Roy, adopted him, and gave up fostering. I am very curious if his new family includes other cats or dogs who may be able to teach him more easily what a bite feels like. (That said, I don't think there is a formal shelter policy against biting kittens.)

Reeses also recently came up for adoption at the shelter. I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley.

And Twix is Reeses' sister. Naming the kittens after candy was an obvious shelter ploy to sweeten the darkness that resides within these kittens.

And last but not least is Ruben...unrelated to the others. He is named after the winner of American Idol, season two for reasons I can only imagine.

Meanwhile my quilting progress was pin basting the kitten quilt and then clearing off the table behind the sewing machine I use for machine quilting. Clearing the table took longer. The table top had become the dumping ground for everything that I was protecting from Roy the Foster Kitten. And of course, Roy spent most of his time in the sewing room trying to get onto this table. That meant I also built barricades around the machine and table and that had to taken down too. And yes, a before photo would have been more interesting...


  1. Rough crowd down there at the shelter, eh?

  2. thanks for the kitten candy - hope they all find good homes soon

  3. Pleased to read that Roy has found a home! These kitties are sweeties - at least they look to be sweeties - are you continuing to foster??

  4. What cute kitties!!! Darkness.... nah.. can't be!!! LOL Do they have a 'black cat making machine' down there at the shelter?