Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kittens: fabric and otherwise

This is Dear Jane block A9 or Cabin Fever. This is another one of the blocks where the diagrams in the Dear Jane book has more detail than Jane Stickle's rendition. As far as blocks go, I prefer Fabadashery's interpretation. However, since I am using Kaffe fabric with a larger scale print, I went with the Jane Stickle version.

And yes, I did use paper piecing for the very inner section. But by the time I got to the first border using the background fabric, I was back to my sew and flip methods.

Not counting the triangles, I only have 25 blocks completed while Fabadashery is celebrating three years of blogging and displaying her 43 completed blocks.

Meanwhile, the kitten quilt is bound and the foundation machine quilting is completed. In a fit of nostalgia, I am planning on hand quilting the border and the cat stretching silhouette in each kitten. You will probably hear about revised plans sometime next week.

And for the last part, I have a Team Storm Update that you will consider good news or bad news depending on whether you are the older sister or a younger sister. Cyclone (the younger sister) has mastered string theory and mouse dynamics and now wants to study string and mouse combinatorials. Her older sister, Hurricane, likes to play with mousie on a string.

Cyclone has been taking Hurricane's mousie on a string and carrying it onto my lap for serious study. Cyclone flaunted her bravery in light of Hurricane's trepidation. However, tonight the tables turned when Hurricane took over my lap to play with her mousie toy on a string. Poor Cyclone lost both her study hall and study materials. As you can see, she is quite dismayed that Kitten U has devolved into just another party school.


  1. OMG, she's adorable...
    I love your kitten quilt. All it needs is a mouse on a string.

  2. She does look aghast, and adorable, all at the same time.

  3. No, no...don't change the plan for that kitten quilt! Please...

  4. P.S. I can't believe you are doing a Dear Jane. You are braver than I. Congrats on so many blocks.