Monday, November 2, 2015

Revised Stretching Cat Template

Here is the revised stretching cat quilting template. I found a profile view of Tommy that reminded me that cat's have protruding foreheads to house the executive part of their brain that they use to run their life and ours.

This is the photo I found with a good profile view of Tommy. He always preferred a quarter-turn posing view. In this case, he was too young to know better, and he was otherwise engaged and not paying attention to the camera. A common rookie mistake.

You would also think Tommy would be watching his brother Jimmy and that threatening display. Instead, he is looking above Jimmy, probably planning a surprise launch over him. Poor Jimmy was handicapped by having to live with a smarty-pants sibling...a challenge that I can certainly relate to.


  1. Poor Jimmy, indeed. Throwing his best intimidation and being completely ignored.

  2. It does look better. ...........A ploy, light of siight is just a ploy against the unprepared.

  3. Ah yes, perfection! Love the stretching Tommy.....

  4. What an awesome quilting template!