Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Storm Update

Cyclone now comes toward me and purrs when I come in the room. She also enjoys climbing my back to enjoy the view from my shoulder. I have also been leaving the door ajar so Cyclone can slip out and explore the hallway. Except last night she didn't come back. She had gotten into the bedroom and wedged herself under the hope chest. When I finally found her, I enticed her out with a long discussion of string theory. Happily, she lets me hold her so there was no problem getting her back to Team Storm headquarters.

Hurricane will settle in my lap to play. She touches my hand with her paw and even gave it a test nip to see if she agreed with Roy's taste ratings. But if I stroke her, she is seriously affronted. That said, after her first massage, I think she will devote her life to becoming a lap potato.

Typhoon's kryptonite is baby food. I had not had any success until last night when Cyclone FINALLY gave baby food a taste. She loved it and as she began to devour it, Hurricane and Typhoon moved in to see what they were missing. And now I think I know what its like to be in water churning with piranha.  Typhoon ate from a spoon six inches from me, and later during play he even ventured up to check out my foot.


  1. They are so sweet! You are earning your place in kitty heaven. Tommy would be so happy. :-)

  2. I assume we're not talking mango/sweetpotato or one of those other flavor travesties. Unless Team Storm is just that contrary...
    You'll have Typhoon eating your hand off, er, eating off your hand very soon, I'm sure.