Friday, November 20, 2015

Team Storm Two Week Check Up

Team Storm was due for a check-up, vaccinations and other indignities today, and I have been working on a strategy to get two and a half reluctant kittens into a carrier. First, on Wednesday I removed their hidey-hole box and put the carrier in the room. I securely latched the handle to the top with a pipe cleaner, and covered the top with a huge hunk of chenille and padded the interior with fake fur. 

Thursday morning, the carrier was exposed out in the open with the chenille lying next to it.  And Cyclone was busy playing with the pipe cleaner, chasing it all around the floor.

Thursday night, I planned a toy strategy, a food strategy and a "call the shelter and tell them I failed" strategy. Friday morning, I went into the kitten room, and found Typhoon and Hurricane nestled side-by-side inside the carrier. I shut the door and announced mission accomplished. I then scurried around getting ready for the drive to the shelter.

I returned to the kitten room to find I had not latched the carrier door properly, and Hurricane was loose and only Typhoon remained in the carrier. I chased Hurricane a bit and got her into a separate small carrier. I picked up Sweetie Pea Cyclone in a towel and put her in the carrier with Typhoon.

However, when I was in the shelter parking lot, I noticed that Cyclone and Typhoon's carrier door was open and swinging away. I closed it quickly and looked in to see if I had lost a kitten, and Cyclone looked at me as if to say "That's a very dangerous way to transport kittens. I think I will be adding a new section to Tommy's Policies and Procedures because he seemed to underestimate your incompetence."

Home again at last, everything seems forgiven with Typhoon coming out for a meal and Hurricane coming out to eat and play. Cyclone has been giving me extra purr therapy because she feels so sorry for me.


  1. (Psst - they're gaslighting you. You only THINK you didn't latch the door properly; they've figured out how to open it themselves.)
    (Ask me to tell you how the piglets can escape from any enclosure - including by disassembling all the hardware holding the pens together. With their teeth...)

  2. You really are having fun and games with Team Storm - the above would have been great on YouTube!