Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Team Storm

Yes, its only my strong sense of public service that helps me face the daily challenge of Team Storm. Get that tail wrapped around the toes! Scruffy!

And yes, I think the unremitting exposure to cuteness is making my teeth rot.

And if you didn't already know...this is Typhoon. He has been under the weather and has been slower to socialize. He sits and purrs while he watches his sisters fight over the mousie toys in my lap.

Every session the kittens get some kind of challenge. Hurricane is now very comfortable playing in my lap, on my legs and around my foot. Today, while we were playing with a mouse, my hand "accidentally" brushed against her cheek. She will probably report me to the authorities. I also left the room door open and she very briefly ventured into the hallway. That was very scary for her today but she will probably want to venture out again tomorrow.


  1. Well, at least Typhoon purrs while he's watching the other kittens play with you - maybe he'll figure out this socializing-is-fun thing eventually.
    Though we have a very social cat who doesn't purr at all, so maybe there's no correlation...