Friday, November 6, 2015

Wonky, Jane, and Brewing Storm

I finished off a handful of wonky stars for Alycia's QOV block challenge. I wanted to get them in the post today so Alycia would get them by her November 11 deadline. Today was full of errands so I delegated packing to the owls. If owl post works for Harry Potter, I figured it would work for QOV wonky stars.
Here are two more blocks in the Dear Jane series. The top block is G3 or Four Leaf Clover. It was included in Fabadashery's most recent drawing. Happily, I had already made that block to test whether I would enjoy hand applique (after a long hiatus). The answer was yes, and that's why I made the bottom block, although it hasn't been officially picked.

And last but not least, Kitten U has three new enrollees: Typhoon, Hurricane and Cyclone. They are part of a litter of five that were split up to keep foster families sane. The other two siblings are Tornado and Tsunami. The admissions office has not sent me their photos yet. They are about 12 weeks old, just had their surgeries, and are in dire need of socialization. They have been here for about two hours now and have not made a single demand. Pathetic.


  1. Ha ha - Can't wait to see how the owls pack!! Love that block with the star in the star!!!!

  2. Can't wait to see the new Kitten U students. Great job on G3.

  3. Your new enrollees sound like fun. What could possibly go wrong?