Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dear Jane and Bunny Quilting

Here are Dear Jane blocks E10 (Five and Dime) and M5 (Mother's Point). I made the Five and Dime block quite a while ago when I was trying out applique. Or I may have made it by accident. In any case, when I saw it in Fabadashery's draw, I confirmed that I had already made it. Otherwise, it would have waited because I am saving hand sewing for quilting the bunny quilt.

In addition to the amorphous blob surrounding each bunny, I've decided to quilt a circle around each eye and to quilt a lozenge shape on each ear and arm. 

Typhoon thinks that amorphous blobs are interesting AND fashionable. And speaking of Typhoon. I have not settled on his final name and switch off between Typhoon and Buddy.  Maybe I should also consider Catty McCatface.


  1. I really like your bunny blocks.
    Typhoon looks like he has some 'friskies' in him.

  2. He looks like a 'Marlowe' to me. Dunno why. Kit Marlowe, maybe?
    Love the bunnies. 8)

  3. I love your bunny quilting, even if my hand hurts just thinking of all that stitching. Regarding BuddtyPhoon, I just noticed that the top, lighter half of his shoulder coloring looks like an angel wing. A Hell's Angel, maybe? LOL?... not that it puts you any closer to choosing a name. One of them will stick...

  4. Poor nameless pussy cat!! He seems as if he's waiting patiently for you to make a decision!

  5. Love the additions to the quilting on the bunnies. And on the Kitty front, I'd stick with Buddy, since he's obviously a Quilting Buddy!

    Kathy T. in Tampa