Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dear Jane and Quilting

This is Dear Jane block C8 or Hani's Crown. I did use paper piecing for the middle triangles--the blue kite shapes with triangles on either side.

I also began hand quilting the plaid bunnies quilt. You might be able to see the rounded full figure bunny surrounding the plaid patchwork bunny. Given the variation in fabric types for the plaids, I wasn't comfortable using a marker (fade away or otherwise), and instead made a fabric bunny template that I pinned over the patchwork and used as my quilting guide. At first, I tried a freezer paper template that I ironed on, but it quickly unpeeled and became unwieldy.

After reading about Suzi's antics over at Fabadashery, Molly thought she should help me by burrowing into the quilt. She was disappointed to learn that Suzi had stolen her tail under the rotary cutter trick.


  1. Molly looks like she's trying to decide what she's going to tell the internet about you...
    Love the bunnies! (You already know that since I say it every single time you show them.)

  2. Wow! I'm impressed with your hand quilting!