Monday, April 4, 2016


Today I didn't get any sewing done, but I did spend considerable time with the stash. In particular, I was considering options for the Plaid Bunny Quilt backing. My first plan was to use Asbury's Geofabulous plaid-like fabric but then wondered if I should make some kind of nine patch arrangement with kissing bunnies and other bunny fabric in the mix.

I also added another page to the blog featuring the fused applique small quilts I made in 2011 as part of Vicki W.'s journal challenge. As should be very clear, I recycle designs a lot.

I also want to show you some recent fabric purchases in case you have a blog and maybe didn't realize how easily you might influence one of your readers. You probably also know that I have a large enough stash and you should think long and hard about being a bad influence.

You know who you are.

In some cases it is the fault of several blog authors and maybe even the fabric designer. The bottom row are fabrics that have been out a while that I wasn't sure how to use. Of course, I now see that these fabrics feature owl eyes for the alternative universe Dear Jane quilt.

And last but not least I would like to mention that the dean of Kitten U has taken up the dark arts. I understand how a kitten might like to burrow into a quilt top while I'm sewing it or ironing it. And I don't know what trouble awaits me trying to layer it. But Molly has taken to stealing sheets of paper and then ripping them up. Oddly, at two different times she grabbed hummingbird designs and shredded them. But her biggest obsession is the magnetic pin cushion which I now carefully hide and she carefully searches for. 


  1. Lovely fabric purchases - especially the kissing bunnies, the art nouveau style fabrics and of course the Kaffe Fasset fabrics! What are these bloggers thinking of luring you into purchasing more fabrics!!

  2. Who is influencing whom in blogville? Don't we all deserve some of the blame? I already have a stash of KF precuts which I have hardly touched. Why am I stocking up on b/w and low volume pieces when all I am using are bright colors? This fabric thing is like a virus and we all seem to love catching it.

  3. Ha ha - thats like the devil made me do it eh? Ms Molly sounds like she wants to go bird hunting - crazy girl! LOVE your fabrics!!

  4. I'm with Paula. Who is influencing whom? Seems to me that I know of other ladies stitching bunnies, kittens and pigs.... Kaffe fabrics, art nouveau fabrics... Oh and look.!!. What marvelous bunny fabric, and the geoplaid whatever (she exclaimed, adding it to her Must Have list...). Let's face it, we are all fabric addicts. Let's blame the kittens. Alfalfa and Darla love my regular-stick-it-in pin cushion. They learned early on how to pull out pins with their teeth. Scary. We play the same hide-and-seek pincushion game that you do. Delinquents, I tell you.

  5. Ummm... Look, bunnies! No monkeys, just bunnies!
    (I gotta find some of that monkey fabric now. Speaking of influencing...)
    Well, back to sewing my piglets.

  6. Glad you added the FUSE tab. You've done a lot of impressive work. They are all gorgeous except for the clown. He creeps me out. I did not see a chicken in the bunch, though, and am wondering why.

    Let's see...monkey fabric...monkey business...I know who that bad influence happens to be.

    Your nine patch backing sounds glorious as is the glimpse of your stash. The dean of Kitten U isn't bad either.