Sunday, April 24, 2016

Plaid bunny progress

Today, Typhoon played in the 1.5 inch strips piled on the floor.

I made binding from various plaids and then began sewing it to the plaid bunny quilt.

Molly went online to see what everyone was doing over at Oh Scrap!


  1. Typhoon is choosing colors for your next project since you're so close to finishing the plaid bunnies, right?
    So much more helpful than that Molly, lollygagging on the computer all day...

  2. Those are two adorable kitties!
    Love your bunny quilt.

  3. Sally, I have a cat-related sewing question (or a sewing-related cat question -- not sure which). I am about to adopt 2 young cats from our local Cat Town Cafe. They're about 1 and 1 1/2 years and well bonded with each other but still a bit shy around people, so I've been advised to have a "safe room" for them to hang out in for a while. My sewing room is somehow the most logical, and it will be a good excuse for me to put a lot of stuff away when I'm not in there. My question, though -- do you think I need to worry about things like
    the spool rack on the wall, stuff on top of the bookcase, etc? I haven't had youngsters for a while. They seem pretty well-behaved (compared to one guy who was literally climbing the curtains at the cafe) but I guess you never know! Inspired by your adventures with Molly and Typhoon...

  4. Molly, I see you looking through the screen at my design walls. I like them arranged as they are. Now go tell Typhoon thanks for sharing his strips with Oh Scrap!

  5. Can't wait to see the bunny quilt all done, but I'll be patient. Tell Molly and Typhoon that they're getting good at selfies! Better than you, LOL!!

  6. I like the team effort in the quilting room. I am sure you can use the extra hands.. errh.. I mean paws.