Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Return to Dear Jane

Enough monkey business! Time to get back to Dear Jane. Here is block A3 or Hunter's Moon.

This is Dear Jane block B10 or Jud's Trophy. In the original quilt, the center cross was all one color. I chose to open up the center to avoid a dark blob.

This is Dear Jane M13 or Lynette's Diamond. Earlier, I promised you that I was not going to get into monkey business for this post...but sometimes it's hard to avoid.

I was taking the photo of block M13 when Molly decided it was time to climb the design wall.

Here she is, going up and over to the top of the shelving unit behind the design wall.

And here she is looking back around the wall to assess the damage and remind me how adorable she is.


  1. Its a cheap trick that 'adorable' thing, but it always seems to work.

  2. Once again I am amazed at these tiny blocks, they're lovely and colourful. Bet even if you had a shortcut planned for Molly she would still go up and over!