Friday, July 1, 2016

Dear Jane M9 and Buddy's Promotion

Here is Dear Jane block M9 or Fan Dance. When I saw this block in Fabadashery's latest Dear Jane block draw, I couldn't resist making it. I first began making quilts right before the Olfa rotary cutter revolutionized the process. It was such a big deal that a lot of quilts were made simply from sliced and diced strips. So that's exactly how I made this block.

Each strip set has a 9/8 inch strip in the middle surrounded by 1.5 inch strips. The 1.5 inch strip was the size that gives the correct dimension for the interior triangle. The exterior will be too large but it gets cut to the correct size at the end.

Two squares are cut from each strip set and then each square is cut along the diagonal (being mindful of the direction of the cut). Next, the triangles are sewn together along the diagonal. Because each strip set is ironed toward the dark, the segments nestle together nicely. Finally the four patches are sewn together. This block is trimmed and then the border strips are added.

Meanwhile, I would like to announce that Buddy was promoted to Director of IT. Yesterday, I was trying to upgrade my laptop to Windows 10. I set up the installation and went off to do something else...until I heard a very strange beeping alarm sound. I found Molly settled on top of the laptop which was now flashing on a page unrelated to Windows 10 or anything else for that matter. The window (with very large font) was asking if I wanted to CANCEL or SAVE CHANGES.

Using Emergency Technical Protocol 2.4 (ETP2.4), I turned the laptop off. I also removed Molly from the laptop, and immediately promoted Buddy. Because of his crossed eyes, Buddy is not attracted to anything on a computer screen. However, today as the new Director of IT, he did spend the morning working on customer service, that is, chasing Molly and wrestling with her. This has allowed the Windows 10 installation to proceed without interruption.


  1. Lovely use of the KF Shirt Stripes and oh the joy of kitten cats!!!!

  2. I'm sure Buddy got his crossed eyes from trying to sew that Dear Jane Block. It would surely happen if I tried it. Congrats to you on the nice block and to Buddy on his promotion.

  3. Congrats to Buddy on his promotion. His creative use of diversionary tactics should be rewarded, too!
    Good luck with Windows 10! I've got it and don't mind having it now that I've shut off 95% of it.