Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bunnies and piglets and treats

The great bunny experiment was a big success. I left the bunnies as a pile on the floor and a week later I have 14 more bunnies to make a total of 48 bunnies. Okay, the red bunny in the third row is a bit confused. If you would like to see more progress and less confusion, head on over to the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge for this last week in November.

And okay, I'm now on board with the piglets. Hopefully you witnessed the spark of genius by Gayle at mangofeet where with a tilted block she sent her piglets running up and down hills.

Meanwhile, I hope you survived Entitlement Day. Molly did order a large bag of mice with rattles. They are Buddy's favorite toy. I thought that was the extent of their celebrations until I found this bag in the sewing room. This had been on the counter in the kitchen and apparently Molly has conquered that as her domain. (Buddy doesn't jump that high). And in the spirit of Entitlement Day, Buddy and Molly showed no guilt when confronted with the evidence of their crime. Buddy even thought it meant that he was about to get more treats.


  1. Gracious, I'm blushing over here... 8)
    Well, you can see why Buddy would be puzzled. Why else would you be waving around a cat treat bag and making funny noises? Had to be treat time.

  2. I have loved your bunnies from the beginning---to see them all together makes my heart go pitter patter---even the red one marching to his own drummer.

  3. I love your bunnies on parade!
    And the pigs are adorable too!

  4. Such a wonderful collection of bunnies (and piglets!!)

  5. Marching bunnies, running piglets and jumping cats! What an active (and darling) menagerie you have!!

  6. Cute bunny pattern. Love the rainbow of colored bunnies on parade. The red one had a mind of his own! The piglets are cute too!