Thursday, November 24, 2016

Bunnies for Thanksgiving

Here are some yellow bunnies.

And some green bunnies (and yes a brown and pink mutant bunny).

 And here are a couple more pickle dishes.

And here's Molly as I'm explaining Thanksgiving to her. She thinks that's something dogs would like. She wants to know when Entitlement Day is. Of course, I explained to her that cats should feel entitled everyday and should not reserve those feelings for just one day. That said, I explained that tomorrow is the official entitlement day when cats take over the computers and order obscene numbers of cat toys, treats, heated beds and electronic devices.

Which reminds me that I accidentally used the word "Treat" in a sentence and Buddy started chasing around making high squeaky noises. So excited! Much like a dog when one accidentally says "Walk." I, of course, stopped what I was doing and gave him a treat.


  1. I'm not sure you should trust Molly with a credit card tomorrow. You might be eating salmon pate and getting high on catnip for a few weeks...

  2. The good news is that cat toy = yards of fabric at TOOD.

  3. Do you see bunnies in your sleep?

  4. Hippity hoppity! (And that's just Buddy)
    Molly looks a little dubious about Thanksgiving. Perhaps there wasn't enough catnip in the stuffing?

  5. Oh I am looking forward to seeing all these bunnies together in a quilt - same can be said for you Pickle Dishes, love seeing your new arcs.