Friday, November 18, 2016

Chevron Wedge Quilt Top

Here is the chevron wedge baby quilt squared off. When I first started to trim, Molly joined in and started to burrow under the quilt to make sure I cut straight on the backside too. At that point I went to get the camera so I could document her contribution. But when I left the room, she lost interest and scaled the design wall to take up her roosting spot.

As I pinned the baby quilt to the design wall, Molly couldn't resist taking a peak. And then in a complete overdose of adorability, Buddy stuck his head out two shelves lower. Unfortunately, when I aimed the camera at him, he ran out of the room.

Molly took pity on me and allowed me to take a few posed pictures.


  1. Molly should consider a career in modeling or spokescatting (like Daisy the Curly Cat). Your chevron wedge is awesome!

  2. Love this quilt top! Such a great pattern!

  3. I only visit this blog to overdose on adorability.