Thursday, November 17, 2016

Fast Stitching, Slow Progress

The progress on this next baby quilt has been painfully slow. I got the design and tutorial from Kitchen Table Quilting. It's simple and straightforward to make. I just haven't had much time for sewing. Today I had a dental cleaning and a viewing. Viewings require me to pick up cat toys. I also have to straighten the sewing room enough that it isn't a death trap.

I am also chairing Molly's dissertation on climbing high. As chair, I'm responsible for cleaning up the pile of debri left in her wake. Yesterday, she got up to where I store finished quilts but in the climb several fell and started an avalanche with everything below.

The next step is squaring up the quilt.

And here's a closeup of the fabric selection.

And just to show that I haven't forgotten, here are two more pickledish wedges.

And just like you, Buddy is feeling frazzled. He does not like the visitors that come to view his house, and he doesn't like the chaos from Molly's "climbing high" dissertation and he certainly doesn't like the trip to the vet that will come next week, that he doesn't know about yet.


  1. Oh poor Buddy - he has obviously picked up the vet vibes! Lovely baby quilt, did you strip piece and then cut?

  2. Poor Buddy does look a bit apprehensive. Maybe he's worried about Molly working without a net? Or did she spill the beans about his vet visit?
    Love those pickle dishes!

  3. I'm loving those pickle dishes, too. How are the sea horses (redesigned tails and noses) coming along? I think Buddy is adorable, but don't tell Molly.