Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Molly's Adventure

If anyone received a mocking comment from Molly (for example, Rocky McPhotoshopface, winner of the rigged contest Pets on Quilts 2016), this might be your revenge blog post. Molly took a trip to the vet this morning. I asked them to turn down her naughty. No one in the office believed that she had ever been naughty and assured me she was a perfect patient. It also says on her medical chart that she has the softest fur on the planet, and this was again confirmed. She came out of her carrier voluntarily, although reluctantly.

Buddy on the other hand was unwilling to come out of his carrier even when turned upside down. He thought he was competing in a Guinness book of records for longest hand stand by a cat in a vets' office.


  1. Oh, Molly and Rocky would make for a fabulous calendar - both are just gorgeous kitties.

  2. Molly, my mommy says my fur is the softest in the world. So, in lieu of a fur-off, let's just say you have the softest light fur and I have the softest dark fur. Your friend, Darla (the girl with the polka dot tummy)

  3. Sadie thinks this is your just desserts for that worm fabric. Can't really say I blame her. Smitty.