Sunday, November 13, 2016

New pursuits

Yes, pickles are my new Dear Jane. I didn't realize how much structure Dear Jane had provided over the past year. Each day that I went into the sewing room, if I wasn't up for anything else, I could always just settle into a Dear Jane block. So that is what I'm doing with the pickle dish quilt. I'm just trying for two arcs a day.

Molly has decided to go back to a school as an adult. She is expanding her horizons by trying to scale to higher perches. This sometimes means launching herself onto a shelf and then desperately attempting to stick the landing. Alternatively, she is suicidal and is trying to work through all of her remaining lives as quickly as she can.

She did manage to get up on some shelving where I keep the laser toy. It has a chain on it. The cats come running whenever they hear that chain rattle. So when Molly pawed at the laser toy, Buddy came streaking into the room looking wildly around. Molly made several notations in her notebook.

Molly did stop her new educational pursuits long enough to come help me cut strips for a new baby quilt. One has to hold the ruler down quite firmly when there is a cat burrowing into the yardage you are attempting to cut.  Half of the quilt will be the light fabric with the gray and red star design.

And this evening I went out to scout out locations for full moon viewing. Last night I discovered that by the time it was dark, the moon was quite high in the sky.


  1. Now where shall I begin! Pickle Dish, again you have used wonderful KF Collectives and they just look so good together. You're braver than I letting Molly help in the cutting area but then she had more practice than Leila.
    The stunning sunset - to me sunsets are the most magical thing ever and I love this one. Hope you'll show more in future posts, please.

  2. Oh, those pickle dishes! I love that print you're using for a background in the photos - will it be in the finished quilt?
    It will be nice if Molly can use the laser thingy to play with Buddy - them keeping themselves entertained and busy could be a plus for you getting some work done...