Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pickled Molly

I switched to finger pressing and trimming at the machine. It is much more efficient, but not as much fun. Each time I got up to press and trim, I risked being sidetracked and going off and doing something else. These distractions were almost always more fun than paper piecing.

Sometimes Molly leaves comments on other blogs that I consider less than helpful. She often gets replies "thanking her" for her "help." I explained the concept of sarcasm to her and, as you can tell, she wasn't too pleased. I think she may take it out on Buddy with some biting sarcasm.


  1. First, what a darling picture of Molly. She actually looks contrite. And I'm glad that your post title didn't mean what I thought it did. For a moment I thought maybe you'd brined Molly and cooked her up for Thanksgiving. Bruce uses that threat on Alfie and Darla, but they know he's just teasing so they ignore him.

  2. Ouch! Biting sarcasm is the worst! Poor Buddy...
    And poor Molly. I'm sure she was considering having those "thanks" replies framed as testimonials to her awesomeness. What a letdown.